Lyari tragedy may just be a prologue to a horror story


The tragic collapse of a multi-storied building in Lyari on Thursday is grim reminder of the fact that there are many other dilapidated buildings in the city that too can meet a similar fate on another unfortunate day.
The Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA ), the body responsible for approving building plans and inspecting the material used during construction has declared at least 160 building as the ‘most dangerous’ that need to be vacated and demolished immediately to save numerous human lives.
There are at least 99 ‘most dangerous’ buildings in Saddar-I areas that include the Queen Quarters, six in Bunder Road Quarters, nine in Ranchore Line Quarters, seven in Tahilram Quarters, 17 in Napier Quarters, four in RY Quarters, two in Lawrence Quarters, 10 in Ghulam Kassam Quarters, 14 in Market Quarters, nine in Ramswami Quarters, and four in LR Quarters.
There are 32 of these buildings in Saddar-II that include the Government Nabi Bag School Hall, four in Wadhoomalodhram, five in Serai Quarters, 11 in Soldier Bazaar Quarters , nine in RB Quarters and two in Preedy Quarters.
There are 11 dangerous buildings in the Lyari including 58 LY-10 Moosa Lane, 197 LY-13 Baghdadi, 15 LY-38 Chakiwara, 2342 excluding Hajiani Mosque Lyari, AK-7-K-15-3-8/8 Karabal Karamji Road; Hasim Palace, Block-8 Nawabad, Jamia Masjid Eido plot No KS-641, 725 LY Liaquat Colony, Fatima Masjid Block-8, Gangaram Building Hilton Road and 1166 Allama Iqbal Colony Gali No 14 Bakra Peeri.
There are 13 buildings that can collapse any time in Jamshed Quarters and five in Keamari Quarters. The Jamia Millia College Hostel Block Deh Drigh Colony was also declared as vulnerable to caving in any time.