KESC woes


This is apropos of the Governor Sindh’s statement regarding the loadshedding pattern agreed upon by KESC in a meeting with the governor and federal minister for petroleum over uninterrupted gas supplies. I am at loss to understand the pattern which has finally has come out of the bag. Previously, people used to talk about a formula in place where areas in which the loss of the company was less were exempted from loadshedding, while those areas in which the company incurred a higher loss due to electricity theft were penalised with increased loadshedding.

Let me ask the learned governor how he could accept such a foolish policy presented by the highly paid geniuses of KESC? I live in Block 3, Gulshan-e-Iqbal and as per my knowledge everyone pays the bill but an adjacent locality called Rajput Colony allegedly has a lot of ‘kunda’ connections (which cannot be installed without connivance of KESC staff.)

Now, if these ‘kunda’ installers aren’t penalised, why do I have to suffer even after regularly paying my bills? My question is if I pay my bills regularly, should I still be punished for my neighbours’ unlawful deeds or should I start the same practice and enjoy “16 hours free electricity”.

Moreover, if KESC is allowed to shut the power generation and resort to loadshedding because gas is not supplied, should they not be asked if they had properly done their mathematics while buying the utility?

Something is terribly wrong at KESC. The experts were right in opposing this privatisation as there is no competition and no reasonable checks and balances. Industrial users have installed heavy generators for their use but generators are not a viable option for home users. Had there been another company supplying electricity and one had an option, things would have been a lot better like in the telecom sector where PTCL’s wings were clipped before privatisation.