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Zardari for preserving work of country’s scholars

President Asif Ali Zardari has stressed the need to appreciate and preserve the works of Pakistani scholars and eminent historians.
“It is very important that the toil and hard work of our great scholars and eminent historians are not only preserved but are also duly appreciated and merited so that when history is written, it is done objectively because it to be read by future generations,” He said at a meeting with eminent scholars of history of the Pakistan Movement, Professor Fateh Muhammad Malik, Dr Muhammad Sadiq and Majid Shamsul Hasan here at the Presidency on Thursday.
The president asked the cabinet secretary to streamline the research cell in the Cabinet Division and asked the scholars to assist the department in this regard.
The president also said the government would continue to extend patronage to intelligentsia and writers of the country.
President’s Secretary General Salman Faruqui, Cabinet Secretary Nargis Sethi and Presidential Spokesman Farhatullah Babar were also present at the meeting.

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