MQM presents list of Karachi criminals at NA


Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Coordination Committee Deputy Convener Dr Farooq Sattar said that the government was involved in aggravating the situation in Karachi.
Addressing National Assembly session chaired by Deputy Speaker Faisal Karim Kundi, he said that the citizens of Karachi have been given message from law-enforcers to care about their security themselves, adding the government was creating unrest in the metropolis under its well-thought plan.
He further said that efforts were underway to rob MQM of its mandate in the city.
Demanding formation of a judicial commission on Karachi situation, the MQM leader said “At least 1500 people had been massacred from January to July during the current year.”
Muttahida leader also demanded the government to send a committee comprising representatives from all political parties, adding that the Commission should visit Kati Pahari and Orangi Town and investigate into the unbridled killings.
He also demanded the powers be delegated to the Rangers in the city.
On the occasion, Farooq Sattar presented to the Assembly list of 500 miscreants and criminals responsible for creating law and order situation in Karachi.


  1. no need of submitting that kind of self generated list. i would suggest to act on that list of terrorist which is already provided by governmetn agencies time to time, and every one knows the majority of that list are MQM members. i would further to summerise it that ARREST ALL THOSE MQM LEADERES WHO ARE ALREADY BEING LABELED CRIMINALS BY THE COURTS OF LAW including Altaf Hussain, Ishratulibad, SALEEM SHAHZAD, AND MANY MORE

  2. Dr Farooq sahib, I hope you have also mentioned the names of those now in South Africa, Middle East, UK, Canada, USA. By the way how many are from your party ???? There was a time when only your party was specialist in these jobs but unfortunately now others have also qualified themselves and thus feel as such. It really hurts when so much remittances from within the mega city goes in others pockets.

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  5. Mr. Farooq Sattar please do'nt be-fool the people of Pakistan. Before MQM, there was no target killing in Karachi, no kidnapping for ransom, no extortion of money. Karachi was the City of Lights But …But…..MQM a World Top Terrorist Organization has played havoc with the peace of this City. MQM has not spared any Community. Its hands are red with the Blood of thousands of Punjabis, Pashtoons, the Sindhis and Balochs. Do'nt the People of Pakistan know the terrorists of MQM getting training in South Africa and India and the Arms and Money supplied to them from enemies of Pakistan? Today's is the Information Age, Please do'nt befoof peoples.

  6. It is astonishing that the LIST OF CRIMINALS submitted by MQM does not include the names of WORLD TOP TERRORIST, 29 cases of heinous crimes have been Registered in different Police Stations against Ishratul Ibad, where is him name? Where is the name of Altaf Hussain? Who killed Hakim Muhammad Saeed? Why Abdul Sattar Eidhi had left Pakistan? Who threatened the Chief Justice of Pakistan not to come to Karachi on May 12, who blocked the highways and roads with Containers, who sprayed bullets on innocent people, who shed the book of thousand of people in the broad day light? Who attacked the Aaj T.V. with Guns? MQM represents India and Israel in Pakistan. Alas! the Govt. is in the hands of IGNOBLES. We need the true son of Pakistan """Another Naseerullah Baber""" for peace in Karachi.

  7. Residents of Sind province are questioning from the leaders of MQM that why the target killing is observed in Karachi and Hyderabad? main reason is that there is majority of MQM people they are responsible for bloodshed of innocent people of Pakistan not only the people of Sind. Other than Karachi and Hyderabad there is peace in internal Sind there is no concept of Sindi Mujahir becuase there is no MQM party. Our Government is equal parterner in target killing with MQM to save their chairs, they are dumb and deaf, they are only searching for parternership and they donot look the lives of innocent people.

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