RSS clinches ‘Brands of the Year’ award


The Roots School System (RSS) has won the most prestigious, the best-ranked and highly rated award, the ‘Brands of the Year’, in the category of education.
The experts’ panel, IPO Pakistan, Brands Foundation and a committee consisting of governors, chief ministers, academics, vice chancellors and business and community bosses nominated the Roots School System for this award with an overall ‘Category A’ in the light of a reliable survey conducted by the Brands Foundation.
According to the experts’ panel and qualitative and quantitative study reports, the Roots School System successfully secured the highest rating and met all the requirements of the selection criterion laid down by the Brands Foundation for the ‘Brands of the Year’ award.
The Brands Foundation has the legal mandate to conduct audit, qualitative and quantitative survey, market analysis and brands rating in Pakistan.
The awards ceremony was held at the Governor’s House, Karachi, where Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani along with the Sindh governor and the CM gave this award to the Roots School System. RSS Executive Director Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq received this award on behalf of his organisation amidst a big round of applause.
The Roots School System has more than 48 campuses all over the country with students over 15,000. It has achieved academic excellence and all-round development of students for over 23 years. It is also the first ISO-9001 certified institution in Pakistan, which has also received Intel Education award, 1st Global HR award, 8th Environment Excellence award and Education Industry Excellence award.