Delays of up to 7 hours in trains’ arrival irk passengers


Like the rest of the country, late arrival and departure of trains were witnessed here at the Lahore Railway Station on Wednesday as well.
The plight of the cash-strapped Pakistan Railways (PR), with its defective and outdated locomotives, could worsen as it struggles to avert a possible shutdown.
Railway sources say that since the state-run entity is operating without a comprehensive strategy there is little hope that it can redress the trains’ timing issue.
They say though the shortage of funds is a colossal problem, the sheer lack of inventiveness by the railway bureaucracy is adding to the problems being faced by the PR.
A delay of up to seven hours in the arrival and departure of almost all the trains is a routine that immensely irks passengers who say the PR administration has failed to address the issue even at its headquarters in Lahore. They question as to why the late arrival of trains is still a routine when the government has released Rs 2 billion for Pakistan Railways.
Sources said on Wednesday that the Karachi Express scheduled time was 3.45pm but it arrived at 8.45 pm (almost 5 hours late), Tezgam Express was expected at 3.15 am but it reached at 9am (almost 6 hours late); Allama Iqbal Express scheduled time was 11.15 am but after a delay of 10 hours it arrived at 10.35 pm, while, Queeta Express arrival time from Quetta was 8.40 am but it arrived at 4.20 pm. (almost 7 hours late), Tez Gam scheduled time was 5 pm but it could not reach Lahore until 9 pm( 4 hours late), Jaffer Express arrival time was 5pm but it was also late and according to railway information office it was expected to reach Lahore Railway Station at about 12 am (7 hours late), Badr Express scheduled to reach at 1.30pm but it arrived at 7.05pm (over 6 hours late). Similarly, Farid Express, Shah Shams Express, Khyber Mail and Faisal Express were also 2 to 6 hours late.
Karakorum Express from Karachi was delayed by four hours, Sargodha Express were delayed by 5 and 2 hours respectively. Similarly, Farid Express and Sargodha Express and Musa Pak were delayed by 3 to 7 hours. Four trains From Karachi to Peshawar were also late by several hours. The Khyber Mail and the Khushal Express were late by 8 and 10 hour. According to the claims of Railways administration only Awami Express was on time.
Another blow: Meanwhile, the railways suffered another blow on Wednesday when PR engineers/drivers refused to run trains on two motor engines instead of four engines thus causing delays in the arrival and departure of trains. They said they would continue with their strike unless they were given four engines for each train. Railway officials, when contacted, said they were trying to provide ‘fit’ engines for trains.


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