So long Andie… welcome Amanda


The people of Sindh bid farewell to the outgoing information officer of the US Consulate in Karachi, Andie DeArment, and welcomed her successor, Amanda Cauldwell with love and good wishes at a ceremony held on Monday night. People from different sections of the society including politicians, businessmen, social workers, journalists and diplomats attended the ceremony hosted by US Consul General William J Martin. DeArment appeared very emotional on the occasion, with mixed feelings of joy and sorrow. She personnelly greeted guests along with her successor. Several of the guests, who knew her well, were equally overwhelmed by her departure. Some of them had even brought gifts for her. She thanked all her friends who had gathered to say goodbye to her. She recalled her visits to various places in the province and acknowledged the hospitality and kindness showed to her by the people of Sindh. The US consul general also admitted that it was because of DeArment that he was able to visit many places in the province. “Andie used to act as a bridge between me and the people,” he added. The guests were introduced to the newly appointed information officer, Cauldwell. The guests were optimistic that she would also play a role bringing closer the peoples of Sindh and the US, similar to what DeArment had done during her stay here.

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