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Inflation increased 13.77 per cent before Ramadan

Consistent increase in energy prices lead to the consumers’ woes as consumer price index based inflation increased 13.77 per cent in July. Secretary Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) Asif Bajwa on Tuesday while addressing a press conference said that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) commonly known as inflation has increased by 1.80 per cent during July and settled at 13.77 per cent when compare to CPI ratio last year in July.
CPI is a main gauge of price changes at the retail level, which covers 374 items in 35 major cities and roughly reflects changes in cost of living of urban areas. Inflation in the said period mostly fuelled by increase in prices of food, and transport and communication charges. The charges of recreation and entertainment, cleaning and laundry as well as medical expenses were also exorbitant. Bajwa said the most prices increased during last week of July as price hike before Ramazan has become a tradition. According FBS data the price of tomatoes is increased by 85.34 per cent, chicken by 18.65 per cent, eggs 14.65, vegetables by 14.38 per cent, besan by 3.75 per cent, sugar by 3.07 per cent, wheat by 3.06 per cent, wheat flour by 2.74 per cent, potato by 12.10 per cent, onions by 9.55 per cent.
Gram whole by 7.02 per cent, pulse gram by 5.25 per cent, rice by 2.94 per cent, milk fresh by 1.20 per cent, milk products by 1.44 per cent, beverages by 1.28 per cent and sweet and nimco prices was increased by 1.01 per cent. In July this year, Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased by 13.77 per cent, Wholesale Price Index (WPI) increased by 17.34 per cent and Sensitive Price Index (SPI) was 21.13 per cent up over July last year. The FBS data indicates that the doctors fee have increased by 17.34 per cent, education cost raised by 7.27 per cent, house rent increased by 8.79 per cent during last twelve months. During the period, the prices of apparel, textile and footwear increased by 13.12 per cent, transport and communication by 13.61 per cent, house hold furniture and equipment by 11.56 per cent and fuel and lighting prices was increased by 7.41 per cent.

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