FO yet to pay Rs 160m to CDA


Despite several requests on part of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the Foreign Office (FO) is yet to clear Rs 160 million of outstanding dues to CDA. The civic body has spent this amount on the FO’s behest for the decoration of the federal capital during the arrival of foreign dignitaries over the last few years.
The FO requested the CDA to decorate the capital before the arrival of foreign dignitaries. According to the rules, the FO had to pay back the amount spent by the CDA, but a CDA official told Pakistan Today that the FO had not paid back the public money spent by CDA for several years.
The officials explained that tasks undertaken by the CDA for the decoration of the city included the adornment of roads, the painting of government buildings, the installation of flags and pictures of the prime minister, the president and the foreign dignitary. “Besides these tasks, the authority also arranged various cultural shows for the entertainment of foreign guests,” the official said, adding that CDA hired private companies to ensure the quality of the work.
He said that since the last few years the FO had increased protocol services, thus increasing expenses. The official further revealed that the CDA sent the bill to the FO after each foreign official’s visit but had not received any payments yet.