Leader of Indian state quits over mining scandal


The chief minister of a southern Indian state ruled by the country’s main opposition party resigned on Sunday after an independent probe implicated the politician and several others in a $3.6 billion illegal iron ore mining scandal. BS Yediyurappa, a popular leader of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), resigned as the chief minister of the Karnataka state, after his party advised him to step down as it came under attack from the Congress Party for what it called hypocrisy over graft charges.
Yediyurappa has denied any wrongdoing. His is the only government the BJP has in south India, a region where the party has long sought to expand. India’s ruling Congress Party has been attacked by the BJP over several graft cases including a multi-billion dollar telecoms licence scandal.
The mining case could give some respite to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the parliament session that begins Monday.