‘Corporate sector needs to be more socially responsible’


There is a need to create a better environment and techniques for starting corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in different sectors including education, environment and health.
This was observed by speakers at a summit titled ‘The 1st Brands CSR Summit in Pakistan’ organised by the Forum for Awareness and Empowerment (FFAE) on Saturday. The conference included speech sessions, panel discussions and seminars.
They also stressed upon the country’s youth to come forward and do more volunteer work for the general benefit of the society
While presenting a brief introduction, Hinza Awan said the purpose of the conference was to convince the country’s corporate sector for initiating more CSR activities for the general development of the society.
In his speech, Siemens-Pakistan Communications Head Ziaul Islam Zuberi said that CSR activities are essential for growth and development of any society, as it is especially helpful for the underprivileged. “The youth of the country should focus on their educational development as this will help them in many ways in their life but they should also offer themselves for volunteer activities.”
Qubee Pakistan Marketing Head Hashim Shiekh, UG Foods Chief Operating Officer Mehmood Nanji, Prestige/Grey Group CEO Jamal Mir, and T-Media CEO Hasan Azim also gave presentations on CSR.
Nokia PR and Communication Head Adeel Hashmi, Bulls & Bulls COO Ehtesham Bari and P&G Corporate Head were speakers at a panel discussion on ‘Role of CSR in Becoming a Top Employer.’
The FFAE is working for the welfare of Pakistani society and industry, aiming to bring a change in the traditional ways of marketing brands in Pakistan while bringing about new opportunities for the Pakistani industry.
Observing the Pakistani industry and its trends during the last decade, the FFAE concluded that the main reason for the declining production market in Pakistan is the lack of awareness about the brands among consumers and similarly the needs of the consumers also have not kept into consideration by industries. Therefore, the Pakistani industry is lagging behind today.


  1. A specific ratio of annual profitability, say 2%, should be kept social activities (Education, Health, Environment, culture, youth and women empowerment) by the corporate sector. and it should be protected in any cover , Say legislation, if needed.

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