On the Foreign Minister’s visit


This is with reference to our Foreign Minister’s visit to India to meet her counterpart on 27 July. What can the newly appointed FM achieve on her visit? Will the Indians agree to anything else except promises for more talks? Chances are that this meeting will prove as fruitless as such meetings before it. The reason is that India is on a roll; its economy is booming, the leadership is serious and initiating reforms that are benefiting the people and, most importantly, the world accepts it as a responsible state that is in control of its destiny.

There is no urgency on the part of Indians to consider any proposal from us seriously knowing that we are waist deep in troubles. From political uncertainty to poor governance, from clash of institutions to ethnic and sectarian violence we are a country that is at war with itself. Why the government that does not seriously implement the orders of its Supreme Court should expect that anything that it says will be taken seriously by its neighbouring state. Charity begins at home and so does credibility. If we are not good enough to sort out our problems at home no one will believe that we have the will and good intentions to sort them out with outside world let alone with Indians whom we consider our arch (enemy).

Of what use is sending dignitaries abroad when our own house is not in order. Except for the valuable experience that our young FM will gain, nothing else substantial is expected.

Let’s be honest and appreciate India for where it stands today and bring back home some lessons that Pakistan can emulate. We may not accept Indian hegemony but what about learning some lessons Today India can do what it wants, not Pakistan which has lost enough face and credibility to be no longer taken seriously by anyone in the world.

All our plans were only built on hope in the past and hope is never a plan. The visit of our FM was also carried on one such hope, “India may hear what we have to say”. But why would it? We need to be serious and honest before we expect to be heard.