LDA to approve deficit budget 2011-12


The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is set to approve an Rs 2.275 billion deficit budget for 2011-12 on Monday.
The Urban Development Wing, Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) and Traffic and Engineering Planning Authority (TEPA) would also be included in the budget.
LDA and its subsidiaries would get more than Rs 20.1 billion whereas estimated expenditures would be around Rs 22.37 billion in which Rs 14.77 billion are for developmental expenditures. The Urban Development Wing would get around Rs 12.6 billion whereas estimated expenditures are around Rs 11.63 billion in which Rs 9.38 billion are for development and Rs 2.24 billion for non-developmental expenditures.
WASA would get Rs 4.21 billion whereas its expenditures would be around Rs 7.52 billion, including Rs 2.29 billion for development and Rs 5.22 billion for non-developmental expenditures. TEPA would get Rs 3.28 billion for 2011-12 and Rs 3.21 billion for expenditures in which Rs 3.09 billion are for developmental work. LDA has set an Rs 5.18 billion target for the next fiscal year by selling plots whereas Rs 2.5 billion will be raised by selling plots of the Johar Town Finance and Trade Centre. Rs 0.7 billion would be raised
by selling public
property allotted in private schemes.