Lahore all set to welcome Ramadan


Lahore has started giving a Ramadan look two days in the advance of the auspicious month. The month of fasting is expected to begin from Tuesday or Wednesday and preparations in this regard are taking a final shape in the provincial metropolis.
For the provision of subsidised food items to citizens, the City District Government Lahore (CDGL) has planned to establish 25 Ramadan Bazaars in different towns of Lahore. Some of these bazaars have yet not been completed despite the July 25 deadline. A petition is also being heard in the Lahore High Court regarding illegal profiting and black-marketing of food items during Ramadan. For a continuous supply of necessary items to consumers, the CDGL announced strict measures would be taken against hoarders and over-charging traders. To keep a check on prices and quality, special monitoring teams have been formed to visit the bazaars regularly. A pricing mechanism for goods would also be setup after talks with the traders.
Other than governmental arrangements, fruit stalls and shops of fried items like Samosas have also appeared along side the roads in the entire city. Bakeries have opened kiosks for Ramadan Special items. Innumerable date stalls have also mushroomed throughout Lahore.
The mosques are also hinting towards the arrival of the holy month with stricter security measures and decorative lighting, flags and banners welcoming Ramadan. Special sermons are being delivered and Hafiz-e-Quran boys have been sought to recite the Holy Quran in taraweeh prayers.
To facilitate people in paying Zakaat, different departmental stores have designed special Zakaat packages. Advertisements of these offers are at full throttle in Lahore. The Iftaar dinner offers are yet another aspect of Ramadan. Almost all restaurants have opened the bookings for Iftaar parties. Contrary to lavish style Iftaar dinners, philanthropists have also made preparations to provide Iftaar items for the poor.