Education dept planning to extend summer vacations


The Punjab School Education Department (SED) is planning to extend summer vacations due to Ramadan and hot weather, Pakistan Today has learnt.
Parents have urged the Punjab government to extend the holidays so that students could utilise Ramadan and make the most out of Eid. Earlier, the education department announced summer vacations from June 1 to August 14 but now according to sources, the holidays might be extended until August 31. The SED also extended summer vacations last year to facilitate students. Various private schools have already announced that schools would reopen after Eid. Some parents lauded the idea of the government while some others criticised it saying that it would waste precious academic time of students.
Department officers also suggested high-ups to extend the vacations. Lahore Executive District Officer (EDO) Education Pervez Akhtar told Pakistan Today that there is a huge probability that the SED would extend summer vacations, as it was done last year but a final decision would be taken by the department secretary after determining the weather situation on August 12 or 13. He said that he would suggest extending holidays until September 1.
The All Pakistan Private Schools Management Association (APPSMA) would lock horns with the SED if the latter decides to extend the holidays, as APPSMA President Adeeb Javedani criticised the idea of the SED saying that they would resist the decision. He claimed that according to the education code, the Punjab government could not give holidays for more than 70 days. Javedani said that there are only 45 days of summer vacations in India where weather is the same as Pakistan. The APPSMA president said that children of politicians study abroad and they are not concerned about what is happening with education in the country.
Teachers also had a mixed response with some saying that extension of holidays would ease their routine, as teachers living outside towns would come back after celebrating Eid while some teachers claimed that classes are well behind their curriculum and need ample time for preparation of exams. They said that the academic session kicked-off on April 1 after which they were assigned for the Census and did not get enough time to go through the course. Teachers said that summer camps had failed, as only 10 to 15 percent students attended the session in intense heat.
On the other hand, students were quite happy saying that they wanted to go to school after Eid and now their desire would be fulfilled. Mrs Umer told Pakistan Today that she had to make Sehri for the family and it becomes extremely difficult to prepare children while fasting. She claimed that attendance would be too low during Ramadan and teachers might not be able to teach properly. Universities in Punjab would also reopen after Eid. Students said that load shedding would double in daytime during Ramadan and miseries of students would also maximise.


  1. Was SED not aware that Ramzan is from 2nd August or did Ramzan came from nowhere and they are now talking of hot weather are the officials of SED alien to these conditions. For them except education they have priorities for every thing. Pakistan may be the country with lowest teaching days in an academic year. Hats off for the planners in SED for their planning to produce an educated class to be ruled only be it in corporate world or in any office. Good luck! Farooq

  2. vacations must be extended as in hot weather with ramadan, students can't come in school for study………… thanks

  3. It is gud to extend da vactiojs coz its summer n its getin hotter n RAMAZAN is also in hOt
    Summer like ths sO its gud decision to extend da summer vactn in punjb

  4. Vacations must be extended as it is gracious, friendly and obliging decision for ROZA DAAR … including students and teachers and Govt should consider the fact that people have to go for eid at different places(out station). Ofcourse hot weather should be also taken into account !!

  5. It is a very good idea for students .he will enjoy eid and easily pray in ramadan .please give the notification.

  6. FDE summer vacation extended
    FDE to extend summer vacation till September 13
    Islamabad, Aug 09: Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) will issue a formal notification on Monday to extend summer vacation for the students of Islamabad Model and Federal Government colleges and schools till September 13.

    Talking to APP, Director General Federal Directorate of Education Shaheen Khan said Minister for Education has already announced extension in summer vacation for which the notification will be issued.

    She said now the students will not get the winter vacations of two weeks in December to make up for the lost time in summer.

    The decision to scrap the winter vacations will remove concerns of the parents that children will not be able to cover the syllabus.

    The summer vacation will be extended due to the Holy month of Ramazan and Eid.

    The teachers who went to their hometowns during vacation will benefit from the extension as most of them would have to go again to their hometowns for celebrating Eid if vacations are ended during Ramazan.

    Earlier, FDE announced summer vacations from June 18 till August 23. While the vacation for the students from class one to class five were started from June 7 due to scorching summer heat.

    Usually, the students and teachers move to their hometowns in vacation and return late even if schools are opened. It is good as they could spend Eid with their relatives, said a teacher.

    The teachers said the decision to end winter vacation will help them to complete the syllabus despite the extended summer holidays.

    Students are excited on the decision as they will get extra time for completing their homework and for preparation of Eid celebrations.

  7. Vacation must be extended till Eid-ul-Fitr becuase children must hurt in summer / hot season. It is also mention here in these heavy rains are expected. Those who have their own conveyence, they kept their childrens on cars but who has not have any conveyance they might suffer in rains / hot weather. And some children might be in Roza. If two week extension required there in no problem. Because parents are already teaching their childs at home.

  8. only the teachers or students of govt schools can imagine the situation of overcrowded classes in this weather of humidity mororeovr in situation of fasting n loadsheding so the extention of summer vacation is neccessary till eid as many people r out of their posting area it will b helpful to return after eid

  9. Dear , No extension in summer vacations in Punjab and Islamabad so be ready for school .Because we lived under non-Muslim leaderships.

  10. health would be destroyed if vacation are not extended. 70% of teachers and students work in hard conditions. we have poor traveling machinery also. the schools should be re-opened after Ramdhan.

  11. leaves must be extended.its very pain full for students and teachers to come school in ramadan in this hot we pleased to govt of punjab extend the leaves

  12. vacation must be extended……………………………………………………plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  13. can any body confirm that Vacations has been really extended? i have heard news that notification has been issued in this respect… please confirm it if anyone have authentic news…

  14. summer vacation must be extended due to Holy Ramzan and hot weather conditions. Majority of parents, students with tjeir teachers awaiting for extention in summer vacation till eid-ul-fitre because rest of the 15 days of Holy Ramzan, the attendance will be very low and poor interest of both students and teacher in study. So summer vacation must be extended till Eid.

  15. C.M sb pls extended the summer vacation due to Ramadan and teacher + student interest .So summer vacation must be extended till Eid.

  16. Great news ať last the government has some common sense. Looking forward to our return trip to Lahore.

  17. w r fed up of studies plz kindly grant us some more holidays so dat we can enjoy our Eid and pray in Ramdan…….

  18. A good news of holidays extended because many teachers training in different schools in punjab by DTE (PST). secondly very hot and many days rainy season. In the Holy Ramzaan many teachers and students set in ETKAAF on 19 Ramzaan in evening.
    After EID Schools will be open so its good decision of Punjab Govt.
    Thanx for Punjab Govt if this new decision is done.

  19. summer holidAY ho rahin hain lakin hamin nahi ho rahi hain i dont know par hamin nahi ho rhin phele hamre school ki timming 8to 1 thi lakin summer vication main 7,15 to 12,40 phele se zayada kar di hainplzz hamin bhi summer hoidays honi chhin main THE EDUCATORS LASANI CAMPUS main prhta hn main summer camp nhi parna chatya lakin unhone kaha hay ke 7 holidys karne wala bacha struck off ho gai gya

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