Publication of blasphemous book sparks fury, arson


Infuriated people have resorted to riots and set ablaze a motor cycle and several make shift structures here following the spread of reports of publication of book containing alleged blasphemous material.
Police sources told Itrat Foundation printing press had published 4th edition of a book captioned Zahid containing alleged blasphemous material. Owner of the press was carrying these books to some where when some persons spotted the book near Fresco chowk.
The infuriated mob subjected the owner of the press to violence and torched his motor cycle. In the meantime owner of the press escaped and took refuge with police.
As soon as the reports made way to markets, the mob assembled and resorted to arson and set on fire several make shift structures.
On the other side all the business centres located on MA Jinnah Road, Business road, Muhammad Bin Qasim Road, Urdu bazar and Allah Wali Market were closed down.
Police have taken owner of press into custody and shifted him to unknown destination.