Man shot dead near Bhaati Chowk


Shoaib Akbar, 26, was gunned down by his rivals near Bhaati Chowk in the Shafiqabad police precincts on Thursday.
The deceased, a resident of Pasroor, had allegedly developed illicit relation with the niece (M) of accused killer Rafiq in Ratta Bajwa Thewas. M was killed by her relatives five months ago while Shoaib fled to Lahore to save his life. On Thursday, the accused and his accomplices interceded Shoaib’s car and shot five targeted fires killing him instantly.
WOMAN KILLED: A 35-year-old woman was found murdered with her throat slit-open by some unidentified killer(s) in the Nawab Town police precincts on Thursday.
MURDER: An unidentified man was found murdered near Manawan police station on Thursday with his arms, legs and neck broken with a heavy hammer.
The body was spotted by some passers by who informed the police. Police reached the spot and moved the body to city morgue.