UN promises more help to flood victims


Flood affectees in Pakistan still need assistance for the revival of normal life, even though recovery and relief efforts have been completed, Special Envoy of United Nations Secretary General for Assistance to Pakistan Rauf Engin Soysal said while addressing a press conference marking a year after the floods.
One-fifth of the country was submerged by the flood waters, over 18 million people were affected and 14 million people were still in need of humanitarian aid and 1980 people lost their lives, he said, adding that the UN had issued its highest ever appeal of $1.9 billion to help the victims. Soysal said “We should acknowledge the resilience, strength and courage of the people of Pakistan,” adding that he was pleased to know that UN and the NGOs had played a vital role in the recovery efforts and it would not have been possible without the contributions of the donor community.” Regarding the one year report prepared by UN, Rauf said it would provide information on last year’s relief activity. He said seventy percent of the aid had been realised and he hoped that the world community would provide the rest of thirty percent also.