PTA blocks 16 million unregistered SIMS


Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Dr Yaseen has said that some 16 million unregistered mobile SIMS have been blocked in the country
While talking to the media on Thursday at Parliament House, Dr Yaseen said that more than 1.6 million unregistered SIMS have been blocked and the law enforcing agencies have gravely benefitted from this as due to this not only the rate of terrorism and crime has been dropped reasonably in the country obnoxious calls have also reduced by 30 percent
He told the reporters that telecom operators companies owe Rs 38 billion to the government for which case are laying pending in the courts.
“The total number of cellular consumers has reached to 110 million”, he said
He said that according to the law any citizen can keep up to 10 SIMS at a time in his name. Some people have contacted to restore their blocked SIMS but these will be reactivated after verification of their track record.
Now it has been decide to computerize the record of sales of SIMS so that the entire data could be monitored at the time of SIM purchase.


  1. few for sms, few for night pakages, few post paid and many for different call rates for different days n diff times of day…

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