Lahore’s Hassan breaks record


A Lahore born Pakistani cricketer Hassan Adnan has broken a century old record when he cracked 232 runs not out while playing for Suffolk against Northumberland. Adnan was not aware of the feast that he had broken Suffolk’s individual batting record of 229 runs made 100-year-old ago by JF Ireland against Cambridgeshire at Newmarket in 1911 in his innings at Jesmond. His innings has also been confirmed as the highest in the Eastern Division – the championship was split into two divisions in 1983 – trumping the 226 not out by Norfolk’s Carl Amos against Lincolnshire at Lakenham in 1998. Adnan extended his innings to 236 not out as Suffolk batted on for five overs before bowling out Northumberland for 179 to record a crushing 328-run victory. Former Derbyshire batsman Adnan, whose highest score in first-class cricket was 191 against Somerset at Taunton in 2005, said: “It is certainly the best innings I have ever played. I had no idea I had broken the individual batting record, so I was surprised and very happy to be told that I had done so. I was also very happy when our scorer (Andy Broome) told me that I had set a new record for the Eastern Division and also that it was a fifth-wicket record for Suffolk as well.”