BNU’s annual play ‘Behropia — The Musical’ concludes


Behropia-The Musical, a three-day annual play staged by students of the Theatre, Film and TV (TFT) Department at the Beaconhouse National University (BNU) concluded on Wednesday at the Alhamra Arts Council.
The performances were attended by 2,000 people in three days. Director Hira Farrukh, talking to Pakistan Today, said, “It is my first play and I did not except such a huge crowed.” Hira said that she tried to raise political issues and the police station culture in the play adding that the country’s system is not corrupt but some individuals are destroying the image of state departments. Co-Producer Ahmed Khan, also the set designer, said, “Behropia is an amazing play. It is adaptation of an Italian play but we gave Lahori masala touch such as dance, laughter and glamour,” adding that they presented scenario of a police station in a sophisticated way.
Student Muneeb Khan said that it is a good effort of BNU students and presence of a huge crowed also approves it. He said that the varsity has a lot of talent in theatre and film field. BNU Marketing and External Relations Director Zaeem Yaqoob Khan said, “BNU is an institution that provides environment, which brings out the best in students. We nurture academics as well as co-curricular activities and all student initiatives are not only encouraged but supported by the institution. Co-curricular activities are as important in lives of students as much as regular course curriculum since they provide a platform for them to prove themselves, feel accomplished and confident individuals before they formally enter into professional lives. I believe educational institutions, especially at the higher education level, need to do that.”
Opening of the play with a song performance by amateur singer Salman Khan, acts blended in fluidly, as the cast especially Shah Fahad in the role of “Behropia” and Ali Ahmed Khan in the role of “Havaldaar” kept the audience amused with witty punch lines while the flawlessly choreographed dance sequences entertained them monetarily throughout the performance. Zain Afzal as “Inspector Butt” was another crowd favourite with his typical Lahori love for food even under tensest circumstances.
A rendition of Nobel Laureate Dario Fo’s “Accidental Death of an Anarchist”, the satire touches upon serious aspects concerning the Pakistani society, the play mirrored the image of police as well as the role of media in society and how it portrays issues of public interest. The story revolved around the character of a Behropia–a man with ability to impersonate himself into various identities and fool everyone, his aptitude to adopt divergent roles, suited by the situation, kept the character unpredictable and unique throughout the performance. The play was a produced by Noman Khan, a student of TFT along with Zara Noor Abbas, Shahbano Shahbaz and Fahad Nur.


  1. btw the play was produced by Noman Khan,Taaha Iqbal and Ahmed Khan only…Zara Noor Abbas was the assistant director and Fahd Nur was the Art Director….correct your facts please

  2. gr8 job BNU …congrats to the project team..especially shahbano shahbaz..:)

    • shah fahad…u were da bst amongst all:)…a very very good effort…keep it up guyz:)…<3

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