Oslo station evacuated due tosuspicious suitcase


Oslo’s central station was evacuated early on Wednesday after a suspicious suitcase was discovered on a bus, and all train and bus service was halted. “There is some baggage that was left on a bus and that the police bomb squad is checking it out,” a fireman on the scene in the Norwegian capital told Reuters. “All the trains and the buses have been cancelled until further notice,” said an official for NSB, the national rail service. “Under police orders nobody is allowed to go into the station.”
Jack Vaadahl, the driver of a bus scheduled to travel to Oslo airport, told reporters that he reported the suspicious suitcase to station security personnel. “A suspicious person left in a hurry… leaving his hand luggage on the bus,” he said, describing the person as a nervous-looking man about 185 cm (six feet) tall. NTB news agency said someone apparently placed a suitcase on an airport-bound bus near railway track 19 and then left. A Reuters witness said the station was surrounded with police cars, fire trucks and ambulances and that a large area on the south side of the station adjacent to the Thon Hotel Opera was cordoned off.