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Cross border incursions destabilising region

Cross border incursions from Afghanistan are destabilising the region despite hectic efforts by both Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Jinnah Institute said in a report on Tuesday. The July 24 attack into Bajaur Agency marked the latest cross border attack by militants from Afghanistan into Pakistan and comes on the heels of several such incidents since April-June 2011, where Pakistani security infrastructure and personnel have been attacked. The report said tactical mechanisms to curb such hostilities must accompany high-level diplomacy by President Asif Ali Zardari and Karzai. But if this level of conflict continues to heat up the Durand Line, the entire security transition and political process leading up to the Bonn conference will be damaged. Chances of political reconciliation will recede even further as field hostilities overtake diplomatic exchanges.

Jinnah Institute (JI) is a non-profit public
policy organization based in Pakistan.

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