War on terror awareness programme


The war on terrorism has increased the problems for Pakistan on domestic front. Bomb blast, killings and damage to property has become a routine. Despite all efforts, terrorists find ways to inflict pain and sufferings on innocent people. This war is not against a specific group or persons, it is against the philosophy which shapes the personality of one human being to kill other person without knowing him.

This fight has no geographical and ideological boundaries. Those who are involved in it have their own myopic perceptions and they view the world through their microscopic lens. There is a need that a campaign regarding the awareness about damages extremism inflicts upon humanity be planned in such a way as can make our domestic audience understand that they should refrain from helping such elements intentionally so as to weaken the terrorists.

There are some main contributors to terrorism. Firstly, social injustice and secondly, economic disparity. These are exploited by negative elements and people are allured to join them. The bitter realities exist but handling them with a positive attitude makes a lot of difference.

A literacy campaign in educational institutions can help a lot if properly planned. Teachers and students can be involved to spread the message of peace and tranquillity. Competition on preparing small booklets, leaflets, posters can help increase awareness.

Media can also help by presenting points of views of intellectuals and organising debates, quiz and other activities. Extremism cannot be eradicated by the efforts of the government only. Each and every individual should contribute whether it is only a message from them or practical involvement. Volunteers should come out and take responsibility. The only solution is awareness regarding the causes, effects and outcomes of terrorism.