SC seeks details of cases against Anjum Aqeel


The Supreme Court on Tuesday issued notices to the attorney general directing him to submit details of the cases, and their present status, registered against Anjum Aqeel Khan, the PML-N parliamentarian involved in the Rs 6 billion National Police Foundation land scam.
A three-member SC bench of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Tariq Parvez and Justice Amir Hani Muslim ordered strict action against all accused involved in the mega land scam without bearing pressure from any quarter.
The bench, however, adjourned further hearing for an indefinite period after it was informed that Makhdoom Ali Khan and Hamid Khan, lawyers for Anjum Aqeel Khan and other accused were on general adjournments.
On the last hearing, the bench had directed registration of cases against all of the accused involved in the scam, including Anjum Aqeel Khan. The chief justice had said that prima facie the land contracts between National Police Foundation (NPF) and M/s Land Linkers, a company owned by Aqeel, were not transparent and caused huge financial losses to the national exchequer. The court had admonished NPF’s Managing Director Zafar Qureshi for not getting the cases registered against the people, including NPF officials, involved in the scam and had directed him to proceed against the accused in accordance with the law and recover the plundered money.


  1. KHUDADAD HEIGHTS, E11, ISLAMABAD a group of over 640 apartments which have yet to be finished since commencment in 2003 is the BIGGER SCAM by ANJUM AQEEL KHAN. People have paid fully for the apartments and the vast majority have not been handed the keys despite over the years making repested requests for completed flats or their money back.
    Thousands of investors have been robbed of their life savings, including medical, government and military people. This SCAM INVOLVES OVER 8 billion rupees.
    The supreme court and FIA need to interview all people who have paid fully for the flats and to register their cases.
    This is a NATIONAL SCANDAL AND DISGRACE by these people who promised people so much with their glossy brochures and pictures of hotels in Dubai.
    Journalists go and see the site in E11 and see the work that needs to be done.

  2. plz all khudadad affecties get in touch with NAB as it has already taken up the case and working on it ..drop a complain at their office in pindi …the procedure has aalready been started by NAB ..and a meeting with NAB was held at khudadad heights ..dont waste your time register complain with NAB..more then fifty allotees have done that ..unified we stand n will win …we will keep on struggling for our hard earned money which they ve robbed …thank you …

  3. register complain at their pindi office at rawal road can drop your complain or you can hand over personally to the required person who is handling the case ..NAB people are very helpful and i appreciate this ..

  4. Thank you, Salma for the useful information for the SCAM in KHUDADAD HEIGHTS needed investigating by NAB. It is even more important for a website to be set up to keep all allotees aware of what they can do to get their money back with COMPENSATION.
    Many investors still do not know the NAB is taking cases in the KHUDADAD HEIGHTS scam by ANJUM AQEEL KHAN

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