Fisheries Dept to prepare fresh data on all fish farms


Secretary Forest, Fisheries and Wildlife Punjab, Shah Nawaz Badar on Monday directed the Fisheries Department to prepare fresh data of all fish farms to facilitate them in boosting fish production in the province. He said that there is vast scope of expansion and exploitation of fisheries network
in both private and public sectors to meet the ever increasing needs of cheap proteins to people. He said that DG, Fisheries Punjab Muhammad Ashraf has been directed to furnish complete data of all fish farms at union council level across the province so that all genuine problems being confronted by the fish farms could be addressed promptly at their door-steps.
He said that DG has also been directed categorically to make sure that all Assistant Directors posted at district level must visit all fish farms in their jurisdiction at least once in a month. Shah Nawaz Badar also instructed Director Fisheries Research, Dr.Sikandar Hayat Jehangir Chaudhary to prepare short duration refresher courses for fish farmers and for in-service training of employees so that latest knowledge in the field of fisheries with special reference to quick growth of fish, could be imparted to them to increase fish production at commercial level. He said that a copy of inspection note will also be given to farmers with recommendations to be followed in future for rapid growth of fish. He said now the entire record of all fish farms will be computerised and will be made available online. Secretary said that “we will co-ordinate with PCSIR and University of Animal Sciences and Veterinary to prepare quality and economical fish feed”. He said that proper cheap feed can double the weight of the fish rather than using poultry waste.
He said that special mobile team will monitor the performance of all Assistant Directors and check the inspection visits conducted at fish farms. Regarding the Fish hatcheries, Shah Nawaz Badar said that DG has further been directed to strengthen and augment all nurseries on modern scientific lines to ensure provision of cheap disease resistant fish seed to the farmers.
Pakistan’s fishing resources: Pakistan has many marine and inland fishery resources. The potential was estimated at 1 million tones per year from the marine subsector alone. The commercially important resources include near 250 demersal fish species, 50 small pelagic fish species, 15 medium-sized pelagic species and 20 large pelagic fish species. In addition, there are also 15 commercial species of shrimp, 12 of cephalopods and 5 of lobster. The effect of the Indus River Delta on the marine resources of the coastline of Sindh is substantial, as this river system has been transporting enormous quantities of nutrients and sediment to the continental shelf for centuries. Pakistan has an extensive inland water areas system which is mainly dominated by the Indus River. These water bodies, depending on their type, possess varying potential for development of the inland and aquaculture subsectors. Inland water bodies, like dams, water locks, reservoirs, rivers, lakes and ponds cover an area of approximately 8 million hectares. Staff Report


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  2. A solid strategy to improve the fish farming in Pakistan. Also train the manpower and farmer on site, and also on site training programs for the farmer should be taken. Need work on ground not on paper.

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