‘Sharifs should sell sugar for Rs 55 at their own mills’


The Sharif brothers should establish special sale points at sugar mills owned by them and their family members and sell the commodity for Rs 55 per kilogramme, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Industries Raja Basharat said on Monday.
He was speaking at a party meeting at the State Guest House. Basharat lamented that under Shahbaz Sharif’s administration, every government department had become a breeding ground for plunder, mismanagement and incompetence. He pointed out that leakage of university entry test papers, delay in announcement of Matric results and unhindered use of expired medicines and injections are some proofs of the sorry state of affairs in Punjab. The PM’s advisor said that poor patients were helplessly dying outside government hospitals, as hospitals neither had medicines nor the required facilities to save their lives. He held Punjab’s self-styled ‘Khadim-e-Ala’ fully responsible for miseries of the poor and downtrodden people of Punjab. Basharat blamed the Punjab CM for shortage of fertilizers in the province and proposing a formula at the Council for Common Interests (CCI), which resulted in reduction of gas supply to industries in Punjab. He accused Shahbaz of sacrificing interests of the poor people of Punjab only for enjoying power. Basharat said that although the Punjab CM was highly fond of assuming big titles but he had actually done nothing for the people.