Politics versus real issues


Blame-game, cursing, personal attack, allegations and slurring; these are the some of the most common attributes of our politicians. Leaders from PPP, PML(N), MQM have specialised leaders for this purpose. Zulfiqar Mirza, Babar Awan, Kaira, Rana Sanaullah, Raja Riaz and Rizvi have the highest possible honours in this field. Whenever they speak, I being a Pakistani feel guilty to have them as my leaders.

Ethics does not play much in the politics, yet it is one of the things that politics is based upon. I appeal to all our leaders to be calm, follow ethics and forget their personal grievances/grudges against each other and try to find way to bail out Pakistan from loadshedding and other problems.





  1. I agree will Mr.Kamil Hussain, these all politicians are liable to be ignored, they all are not reliable to be a politicians. If you look at their personalities they seems to be a business shareing personalites(money makers) The master mind of this alll game plan is the formerPresident Ghulam Ishaq Khan and his chamcha Manzoor Ahmed Watoo who formed a new idea to misinterpret constitution and this all going on till now.

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