Judicial system overhaul


The present judicial system has failed to provide justice to the people of Pakistan at district level as well as provincial level. The scribe is a former employee of judiciary and has experienced so many difficulties to be a litigant in civil cases. The judicial officers are overwhelmed by work as one civil judge has to hear/listen to at least more than 100 cases a day. The staff have to work hard to maintain the files to be presented for the next date of hearing.

In order to make the system more orderly, the system should be dissolved totally or altered or a new infrastructure be established. The litigation is so expensive that one cannot afford to bear the costs to hire a counsel to protect his rights. At district level, cases may be categorised and in each Bar room a categorised list of cases may be displayed with the fee of hiring a counsel. Only those counsels may be enrolled who are on the list of Bar Counsels. A receipt of fee may also be issued by the counsel which may be attached along with the documents when the case is being filed by the plaintiff (same is the case with the defendants).

Cases may be monitored by special judges assigned at district level from the filing date of the case till the decision. The judges shall be at liberty to decide the cases in their respective courts. This is the only way we can implement judicial policy and provide justice to the people of Pakistan at the district and provincial level. In order to make life easier for the people of Pakistan a joint set up has to be established and exercised by the Bar and judiciary.

After more than 63 years, we have not learnt a lesson. The entire nation wants justice, peace, liberty but the government has failed to bring them to the people.