Sunday bazaar prices offer no relief


Despite being set up with the aim of providing basic commodities to people at reasonable rates, the prices offered at the Sunday bazaars of the federal capital are not significantly different from the prices of foodstuffs at regular markets.
During a survey, Pakistan Today learnt that the prices of several commodities were almost the same as regular markets. Potatoes were sold at Rs 33/kg at the Sunday bazaar while being available at Rs 32 to 34 in the open market, while tomatoes were priced at Rs 40/kg, onions at Rs 18/kg, ginger at Rs 96/kg, cucumber at 22/kg, and chicken Rs 157/kg in both markets.
This week, the prices of tomatoes and potatoes again registered an increase of Rs 8 and Rs 3 per kilo respectively. However, the prices of a majority of the other vegetables remained stable, while some registered a decline as compared to the last week’s rates.
According to the Sunday bazaar’s rate list this week, ginger was sold at Rs 96/kg, garlic at 108/kg, ladyfinger at Rs 24/kg, colocasia (arvi) at rs 30/kg, brinjal (baingan) at Rs 24/kg, lemons at Rs.80/kg, black-peppers at Rs 60/kg, cauliflower at Rs. 50/kg and cabbage at Rs. 26/kg.
The prices of bitter gourd (kerala) and zucchini (tori) were in decline with bitter gourd priced at Rs 16 /kg, Rs 14 less than last week’s rate and zucchini sold at Rs 24/kg; Rs. 12 less than last week’s rate.
In the fruit section, mangoes remained the most highly sold items even though their prices registered a slight increase with Sindhri mangoes sold at Rs. 80/kg; Rs.5 more than last week’s rate and Langra mangoes sold at Rs. 60/kg, Rs. 10 more than last week’s rate. Apples (golden) were available at Rs 70/kg, apples (Chinese) at Rs 180/kg, bananas (first) at Rs 60 per dozen, bananas (second) at Rs 30 per dozen.
It was noticed that the price of chicken has remained stable at Rs. 157/kg for three weeks. Eggs, however, were priced at Rs 81 per dozen.