MQM raises finger at Mirza, Haqiqi as Karachi sees more blood


The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) blamed the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the Mohajir Qaumi Movement-Haqiqi for spreading violence in the financial capital of the country as six more people were killed in the city’s turf wars on Saturday.
Addressing a press conference, MQM’s Leader of the Opposition in the Sindh Assembly Raza Haroon said a provincial minister (Sindh Senior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza) had publicly admitted that he had met the head of the “Haqiqi terrorists” in Karachi Central Jail on July 11, and had also announced his full support to him. “We had expressed our apprehensions at the time. The manner in which the heavily-armed criminal elements attacked MQM workers and tried to forcibly occupy party offices, their free movement in the area and the police’s role of a silent spectator has forced us to believe that this was all done under a well-planned scheme,” Haroon said.
Throughout the day, incidents of intermittent aerial firing were reported from Malir and Landhi bringing routine life to a complete standstill. Shops and markets were closed and public transport remained suspended all day long. Raza claimed that more than 50 armed MQM-H activists entered Khokhrapar, Ammar Yasir Society and other adjoining areas of Malir and attacked houses of MQM workers. He said that more than 30 workers and supporters of the MQM were either injured or killed as a result of heavy firing by the assailants.
“Terrorists armed with latest automatic weapons continued to move in Malir and Khokhrapar without any hindrance for several hours. They attacked houses of MQM workers and party offices, and innocent party workers and sympathisers fell victim to their brazen terrorism. The terrorists had a heyday but police was nowhere to be seen. Similarly, armed terrorists entered MQM’s Unit 89 in Landhi Colony No 1 and attacked several places. The gravity of the situation can be judged from the fact that these terrorists used hand grenades as well. These criminal elements disappeared from the scene only when the Rangers entered Malir, Khokhrapar and Landhi,” Haroon said.
Committee: In a bid to quell violence, President Asif Ali Zardari formed a four-member committee to come up with a strategy to maintain peace in Karachi and address the reservations of allied parties, besides ordering PPP leaders to avoid making harsh comments against coalition parties. The committee was announced at a PPP consultative meeting held at Bilawal House and would comprise Syed Khurshid Shah, Abdul Qadir Patel, Agha Siraj Durrani and Ayaz Soomro. The committee will hold consultations with the MQM, PML-Q and PML-F on the revival of magistracy and other issues to bridge the gulf between the allied parties.


  1. MQM is not used to opposition. The gun culture introduced to this city by Altaf Hussain has resulted in formation of many other militant groups which are challenging MQM.
    Seed you sow harvest you reap. Here you are Supremo Altaf Bhai.

  2. The MQM is like the pot calling the kettle black. The MQM is not a political party – it is a criminal organisation.

  3. Why is it that its always MQM against someone else, amazingly, the media will never raise this point. why cant MQM co-exist?

  4. It is strange to see only coffins of MQM workers wrapped in party flags. What about other 17 dead. Whey media is not showing their coffins as if others were not human beings?

  5. Now it is ‘Haqqaqi’.Every day they raise fingers one or the other as if they are innocent.In every case,MQM is always one party while the other keeps changing.That proves MQM is a permanent perpetrators of target killing of thousands and bathakhori of billion of dollars.Even MQM had killed ten thousands by target yet they would pretend ‘massom.usili mooukafwale’ fully abetted by MQM TV Channels and newscasters of ARY,partly GEO,EXPRESS,cnbc,NEWSONE,DUNYA,Samma,AAJ,businessplus etc.It is also the corrupt putrified PPP-Z who wants trhem around to save their power and billions of illgotten wealth.Another tragedy is that goofe,guugughoras,mutakabars,have embraced the worst criminals,target killers,bathakhors in false hope to retrive their lost position due to their blunders but never to be but only stabbed again and again by serpents in bosom ,MQM is-the evil in Pakistan and PPP-Z.

  6. MQM works like this. Get in the government by hook or crook. Then no complaint against any leader of the ruling party until time comes to gain some more advantage.. Here springs up from no where their 'rabita committee'. A catalogue of blames are narrated in emotional way by KWSB and CDGK employee Anis Qaimkhani in clear violation of law in a hurriedly convened but heavily attended by enthusiastic TV channels. These media call themselves so called independet but do not dare call spade a spade.

    Soon after that Nine Zero gathers a crowd infront of mikes No matter how important some one be or how important national issues be the media will start covering jocular speech by megalomaniac Altaf who is sitting thousands of miles away here in London. He will sermonise people of Pakistan and will issue guidlines to his thugs what to do and try to instigate 'patriotic' generals.

    The peace in Karachi is hostage to Altaf Hussain's blackmailing tactics. People know that MQM can not live without power. They have been thoroughly spoiled from the days of Zia. Musharraf acted as MQM sector commander in Islamabad. He provided him full suupport and saved them from the wrath of people after 12th May 2007 carnage.
    Zardari also gave them full support for fear of destabilisation of his government and kept them on his side by accepting all demands. MQM has been enacting dramas intermittently and has left the government and come back after getting more.

    MQM is now facing stiff opposition from their splinter group. That is the crux of the problem. MQM wants whole Karachi delivered to it. The government must not remain as spectator. They must apprehend criminals from both side and restore law and order to this ill fated city.

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