I like my both worlds: Madhuri Dixit


Even though there’s a buzz every time she returns to India, Madhuri Dixit says that she has become immune to it. She lived her life under the limelight for almost two decades before bidding it adieu for a married life in the US, with Dr Sriram Nene. While in Delhi to walk for the Couture Week, she told that she doesn’t miss either life when she is living the other. “It’s something I have gotten used to, this coming in and going out.
After the extravaganza of this place, I like going back to my peaceful and quiet family. Don’t get me wrong – I like both worlds. I enjoy being anonymous and I enjoy being centre-stage too. When I go there, the mom takes over. But when I am here, I am just the actress,” said Madhuri.
But in both the worlds, Madhuri insists that she doesn’t live even a bit of the other character. “Nothing changes. Once I reach there, it’s all about my children and family. It’s everyday. I become a complete mother. My kids have to go to school at eight, so I have to wake up early. I don’t have time to think about anything else. The only thought is getting the kids up on time, picking them from school at three, getting their homework done and then having dinner. Then it’s the same cycle again the next day. Except the weekends, when it’s different. On school days, they don’t want to wake up on time and on a holiday, they wake up at six and say, ‘Mom, I’m hungry!’”
Madhuri asserts that her family life is really normal, but she does say that her neighbours sporadically remind her that she is a known face back home. She says, “Yes, the neighbours do ask me about my work. Sometimes I show them clippings if they are interested. They see the clips on the internet too. And the American guys are very kicked about it – that they know a celebrity. And then there’s a flurry of people who knock on the door or come and meet me for a while.”
But it seems that Madhuri is getting ready to come back to the greasepaint routine as there have been reports of Vishal Bhardwaj approaching her for his next, “Dedh Ishqiya”. While Madhuri insists that nothing has been discussed with respect to the project, she says that she is looking forward to acting again, but only if her family is comfortable with the idea. “I have done a movie in the past too, but if I do that again, I have to make sure that everyone in my family is comfortable and I have to manage that,” she says.
Her husband has no objections to her taking up any new projects, says the actress. He’s comfortable with the idea of me doing a movie. He’s not the serious kinds that people think he is. In fact, he’s not very serious if you get to know him. He jumps from cliffs, and does stuff like that. He loves adventure. He is very different from the image we have of a doctor. We are a team. We always think of ourselves as a team. We will do whatever makes us happy. He says that if you want to work in movies, it’ll make me happy and if you don’t want to, I am happy. We work as a team like that.”


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