Dawood’s daughters’ marriage pics surface


The photographs of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s daughters’ marriage, which was wrapped under a cloak of secrecy, have surfaced. An Indian news channel posses the first pick of the exclusive photographs.
The photographs could add to the piling up evidences of Dawood’s presence in Pakistan.
Mahrukh, the first daughter of Dawood Ibrahim had tied the knot with Junaid, son of former Pakistani Test cricketer Javed Miandad way back in July, 2005 at a five star hotel in Dubai.
Ibrahim’s second daughter Mehreen had also secretly tied the knot with a Pakistani-American Ayub at Dawood’s palatial bungalow in Tony Clifton area of Karachi in February this year.
Ayub is said to be running his own export business. Indian intelligence agencies are investigating the underworld connection of Ayub.
In one of the photographs Dawood’s first daughter Mahrukh is seen with his husband Junaid. In another, Mehreen, second daughter of Dawood is seen with a girl. The girl is said to the daughter of a Pakistan’s top businessman.
A large contingent of reporters from India were in Dubai in 2005 to cover the marriage of Dawood’s first daughter but were kept away from the venue. It is said that two Indian journalists were allowed inside but were barred from taking pictures.
Like the Dubai event, the marriage of Dawood’s second daughter was also a closed door affair and it was reportedly attended by a few selected guests, which included high rank officers.
There are reports that few businessmen from India also attended the wedding. However, it is believed that no big shots from either Bollywood or the sports circuit were present at the ceremony.
Intelligence agencies of India and world had kept a close watch on both the Dubai and Karachi wedding venue.
The government of India has continually asked Pakistan to extradite Dawood. However, Pakistan government had repeatedly denied Dawood’s presence in the country.
Interpol has already issued a red corner notice against Ibrahim.


  1. Like Taliban who are our western strategic assets, this dawood is our eastern strategic assets so we are responsible of both secured lives in our homeland.That is why Pakistan is meant for.WE have thousands like Ajmal kisab or recruited lieutenants or captains whom can be sacrificed on these strategic assets but not them.Oh yes forget to include another foreign asset community like Raymond Davis who are in charge of our ruling elites.Their security is our priority and strictly follow this rule of survival.

  2. Dawood ki beti ki shadi par tumeh invited nayi kai kya and mr.prince ur right. she is not the one.

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