Anti-Islam zealot charged in Norway


Norwegian police searched for more victims and a possible second gunman on Saturday after a suspected right-wing zealot killed up to 98 people in a shooting spree and bomb attack that have traumatised a once-placid country. The 32-year-old Norwegian named Anders Behring Breivik was arrested after Friday’s massacre of young people on a tiny forested holiday island that was hosting the annual summer camp for the youth wing of Norway’s ruling Labour party.
Breivik was also charged for the bombing of Oslo’s government district that killed seven people hours earlier. If convicted on the terrorism charges, he would face a maximum of 21 years in jail, police said. Breivik had belonged to an anti-immigration party and wrote blogs attacking multi-culturalism and Islam, but police said he had been unknown to them and that his Internet activity traced so far included no calls for violence.
Witnesses said the gunman, wearing a police uniform, went on a prolonged shooting orgy on Utoeya island northwest of Oslo, picking off his prey unchallenged as youngsters scattered in panic or jumped in the lake to swim for the mainland. A police SWAT team eventually arrived from Oslo, 30 km away, to seize Breivik after nearly 90 minutes of firing, acting police chief Sveinung Sponheim told a news conference.
“We don’t know yet” if he acted alone, Sponheim said, adding that Breivik had surrendered immediately and had confessed. Sponheim said 85 people were known to have died in the shooting and seven in the Oslo bomb blast. The overall death toll could reach 98 if some missing people proved to have died. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, sharing the shocked mood in this normally safe, quiet country of 4.8 million, said, “A paradise island has been transformed into a hell.”
Labour Party youth member Erik Kursetgjerde described the panic on Utoeya when the gunman began shooting. “I heard screams. I heard people begging for their lives and I heard shots. He just blew them away. I was certain I was going to die,” Kursetgjerde, 18, told Reuters outside a hotel in the nearby town of Sundvollen, where many survivors were taken. “People ran everywhere. They panicked and climbed into trees. People got trampled.”
The killer, dressed as a policeman, “would tell people to come over: ‘It’s OK, you’re safe, we’re coming to help you.’ And then I saw about 20 people come towards him and he shot them at close range,” he said.


  1. And when will you charge those Pakistanis who cross borders and kill people in hospitals, railway stations, community centres and hotels ? I believe never. Because you sanction the killings.

      • First know the definition of insurgency to back your claim. Secondly, no indian group is crossing borders to attack Pakistani public. Third- It is not only India which is complaining about cross border terrorism. Afganistan's govt has complained more than once in very unambigious manner, Iran has officially complained,So which neigbhour is left ? China ? See the Uighir uprising in Xinjiang province, though so far no official word, but how long the most powerful Islamists will not help them ? Also see how many Pakistanis have been arrested in Europe and North America on charges of aiding and abetting terrorism. So it is not only India your dear Pakistan has become pain in the neck of entire world.
        Given India's size, diversity and its neigbhourhood I would say that it is fairly well managed country whose stature has risen in the last 2 decades.

        • Would you like to see the proved pictures? India is creating insurgency in Pakistan from Afghanistan now by aiding and bringing Sikhs and Hindus. Secondly Ajmal Kassab is not a Pakistani That report was provided to you by FBI so get your facts Straight. People fighting in Kashmir are fighting for freedom and one man's freedom fighter is others terrorist right? Besides Insurgencies like for Punjab, Assam, Kashmir, Kerala are inside india because of Indians not from Pakistanis

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  3. Obviously he’s not a terrorist; just a gunman! The word ‘terrorist’ is specifically for the brown-skins!

  4. Just wait and see, links of this gentleman with some Pakistani group would soon be declared by TIMES or Newsweek. This will be seconded by Mr. Chidambaram and then the usual western media hype / bad names for Muslims and Islamic fundamentalism etc.

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