The rising fear


As the wheel of the time is rolling the momentous period of the year 2011 that is Ramadan-ul-Mubarak 2011 is coming closer, with lots of expectations of coming nearer to Allah for His blessings, there is also a rising fear in the Pakistani masses regarding the upsurge of price hikes of everyday commodities in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, just like Musharraf’s dictatorship, democracy in Pakistan had also pushed such shameful culture of price hiking in Ramadan and encouraged the local capitalists to earn more either by hook or by crook during the period of this great blessed month. Ramadan had been an economic venture for our local capitalists regardless of the suffering of common people.

In this money making venture every type of non-transparent technique of huge money making including hoarding of commodities, price defrayal among limited suppliers and many other murky ways are tapped.

With shadow of no doubt Ramadan is a month of blessings for collective material life also if laws of the Creator are established on earth, but when Allah’s rules are ignored, then it is obvious that there will be price hikes, capitalist hegemony, minimised collective buying power, and majority trapped under economic suppression.





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