Senators deplore US embassy’s hosting of gays, lesbians’ event


Following Senate’s protest over American Embassy’s shameful hosting of gays and lesbian event, the acting chairman senate, Jan Muhammad Jamali has forwarded the issue to standing committee for foreign affairs.
The Senate recorded its strong protest over the shameful event, even on Friday, speaking on which the JUI (F)’s Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani demanded the issue to be brought on agenda, in order to carry out a comprehensive debate over the issue, as 9 Pakistanis also attended the event.
JI’s Professor Ibrahim was chagrined over the issue being not taken seriously, and said that American interference had created a host of problems for Pakistan. He wanted government to denounce the American interference in order to resolve the volatility of issue.
The acting chairman Senate announced that the issue would be sent to the rules and regulations committee to be discerned as debatable, as Pakistan had signed protocol accords with America; over which the JI Senator accused the acting chairman senate of advocating the American stance of the issue, by disallowing it to be debated on the Senate Floor.
PML-N’s Raja Zafar-ul-Haq said that hosting of this shameful event by American embassy had ushered in more self-hate for itself; and he also wanted to know if even America had immunity in such cases; stressing that American embassy should follow the law of the land.
PPP’s senator Dr. Saeeda Iqbal condemned the American embassy’s event, but stressed on raising it on a more relevant forum; as parliament was not an appropriate forum for this issue.
The leader of the Senate, Syed Nayyar Hussain Bukhari recommended taking the advice of foreign office over the issue, as to whether the issue befitted the benchmarks of an adjournment motion.
The issue was finally handed over to the standing committee for foreign affairs , to decided about any possible action against the shameful event held by American embassy.


  1. it is rather a shameful and condemnable act because hosting gay and lesbian event in pakistan is a provocative action by america aagainst islam.

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