Up to 18 hours of power outages stifle Lahore


Unscheduled electricity shutdown doubled, severely affecting routine life as the city experienced 14 to 18 hours of power outages on Wednesday. Power was shut down for two hours after every half an hour of supply, upon which people gathered at Multan Road and protested against the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO).
They chanted slogans against the government for not providing them electricity. “We have neither electricity nor water. It seems we are living in the Stone Age,” said protesters. Most areas of the city such as Ichhra, Shadman, Model Town, Gulberg, Mozang, Faisal Town, Garden Town, Township, Johar Town, Defence, Walled City, Muslim Town, Iqbal Town and Walton experienced long hours of power closures.
The consumers said there was no schedule and the LESCO disrupted electricity whenever it liked. “We cannot sleep at all because there is no electricity,” said a housewife Samina Ahmed. “The weather is humid and it is not possible for people to sleep without electricity,” said another consumer Irfan Khan.
He said there used to be a schedule for power outages but for the last week there was no such schedule. Meanwhile, some filling stations also stopped selling petrol to people because of problems in supply.
TRAINS SUSPENDED: Fuel shortages in Lahore also disrupted operations of passenger trains, compelling the Railways administration to either suspend trains or change their schedule. Operations of 21 trains were suspended, Railways sources said, adding that the fuel shortage caused a change in schedule of almost eight trains in Multan, while eight trains had to stand idle at Lahore Railway Station.


  1. while lahore has been made to suffer from days upon days of gas loadshedding and electricity loadshedding ,karachi has not faced even one single day of gas loadshedding,its cng pumps,its industries have all been receiving gas uninterrupted and electricity only hs started to go since the union quarrel started which will end soon and then karachi people will once agains as always have no loadshedding or only 5-6 hours at the most.the ppp has been on an anti-punjabi campaign since the last 4 years and they have succeeded in killing of punjab's industry especially faisalabad's ,yet karachi's industriliasts are getting uninterrupted electricity and have faced no losses.

    • Very good point! Sharif brothers should open their eyes and start making Punjab specific decisions to improve electricity generation and saving its industrial base. Keep in mind they are ruling over a province whose population and area is more than that of France or Germany.

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