Former PML-N office found stealing electricity


LESCO College Road sub-division caught electricity theft in its area and registered a case against Ateeq-ur-Rehman and Lateef-ur-Rehman in Green Town police station for electricity theft on Wednesday. The house (275-2-C-1, Township) involved in the electricity theft was an office of PML-N. The house is in the constituency of PML-N MPA Zaeem Qadri and served as a major party office during elections of 2008. LESCO officials said that they raided the house and found two electricity metres including a single and three-phase dyfunctional. “The consumers inside were using six air conditioners and more than ten fans but the meters were not moving,” said College Road sub-division senior official said. Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) College Road Muhammad Nazar confirmed they had registered a case. PML-N MPA Zaeem Qadri denied any involvement in the electricity theft saying that the PML-N left the home some two years ago.


  1. There is no corruption in Punjab says PML – N leadership. I have heard and seen Qadri sahib talking lot on TV talk shows about moral behavior and high values of his party with his "Soar Throat". These activities took under his very nose. Now one of their MNA is also in the news. These people are fond of pointing fingers at others not withstanding that the rest four are towards them.

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