CDGK gone, commissionerate system in… no such thing on the Internet


Those seeking information about the Karachi’s present city administration – including a commissioner, five deputy commissioners, a municipal head etc – on the Internet would be disappointed to find out that as there is no web-portal for this purpose.
However, the official web-portal of the defunct City District Government Karachi (CDGK) in its outdated form is still available to web users as the authorities concerned have not bothered to update or block the website.
The Sindh government, on July 9, 2011, had promulgated Sindh Local Government Ordinance (SLGO) 1979 to restore commissionerate system in the province. Besides, the Sindh government had also suspended Sindh Local Government Ordinance 2000 and Police Order 2002 with immediate effect.
Soon after the promulgation of the ordinance, the Karachi district coordination officer, Mohammad Hussain Syed was appointed as the commissioner of the city, whereas five senior officials were made deputy commissioners. 
The city’s commissioner had recently announced that the offices of deputy commissioners would be set up at their old premises before the introduction of SLGO 2000. However, he did not announce any alternative offices for the deputy commissioners and other officials of the new administrative arrangement.
The contact numbers of the city administration have also been changed with the transition in the administration structure.
The logo of the defunct CDGK was removed from the official documents on July 12, 2011 however it continues to be in place on the patrolling vans of the controversial city wardens.
The CDGK’s official website is still disseminating outdated information about the 18 towns of the city.
 The website also includes the defunct-CDGK departments, press releases and pictures of the former administrator Fazlur Rehman and the list of the executive district officers, which have no role in the current management.
Even the Local Government Department’s website has no information for the public. The web-portal, displays the message that no content has been uploaded on the website yet.