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Next milestone on the highway of melodies

Over the last four years, Coke Studio has offered its audiences across the globe a unique view into traditional, classical and contemporary music in Pakistan. The 2011 sessions continue the journey that began with Coke Studio 2008, reflecting the depth of musical diversity in the country – from obscure indigenous folk music in regional languages and dialects to mainstream popular contemporary numbers – and spotlighting the less known artistes alongside the widely acclaimed and paying tribute to some of the many cherished artistes that make up the fabric of our musical legacy.
This season also includes a series of performances that highlight a cross-section of eastern classical forms of music, in signature Coke Studio sessions that reinvent the musical environs of the genre yet preserve the intrinsic musical values and integrity of the art form.
The fifth and final episode of the 2011 season will provide an intimate look at the people, the processes and the musical depth behind the creation of this year’s songs. The episode documents the passion and dedication that drives the artists and musicians of Coke Studio and reveals a vibrant musical environment that encourages individuality to flourish. It will provide insight into the mystery of creativity, bears witness to the spark of inspiration that is ignited when paths converge and celebrates the unifying force of music. This is an exclusive glimpse into the melting pot at the heart of Coke Studio and a journey into a world where music is the common language.
In a revealing recap of the season, episode five will present an exclusive and extended look at the 15 artistes featured in Coke Studio 2011, spotlighting each in a series of individual chapters. These insightful reflections of the Coke Studio experience will include casual moments at the studio, the revelations of some previously untold life stories, the origins of personal inspiration and the candid sharing of personal anecdote. The episode also includes two new, and previously unreleased, sessions that complement and complete the season finale.
The online edition of episode five carries a bonus segment that focuses on the musicians of Coke Studio’s House Band and endeavors to reveal the dedication and team-work that go into meeting the musical challenges of Coke Studio. The segment provides a glimpse into the studio where unity and close camaraderie coupled with a shared respect and an evident love of music drives these individuals as they contribute to a common cause.

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