‘ISI did not shelter bin Laden’


Lt General (retd) Nadeem Ahmed, who is a member of Abbottabad Commission, in an interview to an Australian radio station has said that he do not believe that any ISI official was sheltering bin Laden, a local TV channel reported on Tuesday. “[When all is] said and done [the] government, the army and the ISI are not irresponsible people, they would never do such a stupid thing which would show them in such a bad light” he said adding that “irrespective of the USA, I have absolutely not an iota of doubt on this, that no government in Pakistan, no military in Pakistan, no intelligence organisation in Pakistan would do such a stupid thing.” The channel said that General Ahmed was reluctant to divulge any details of the probe during the interview but did said that the commission had already spoken to witnesses from air force and the inquiry would move onto the military, army, ISI, civilians and the US.