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From ballads to heavy metal

Octave Project, organized by The Curtain Call Society and Hang Ten has now become a monthly attraction in Pakistani music. It is a platform for all kinds of aspiring musicians to come up and showcase their talent. Gig 4 was held at Ali Auditorium on Saturday.
The duo of Cashew and Mumshoo kicked off the show with a selection of Vital Signs covers. Following up with a unique version of Chris Isaak’s hit single ‘Wicked Game’ played on the harmonium, they left the audience awestruck. The group shows its potential to rise to a larger platform but unfortunately neither has plans to rise to stardom. Both are currently studying. With Mumshoo was doing law and Cashew studying software engineering. Having said that, their hobby managed to earn them some money after a jingle they made in a competition for Dell computers earned them Rs 50,000.
Next up, Hassan Amin graced the stage and sang covers of a number of Indian and Pakistani songs. Most attendees had thought that Octave Project was going to be all about Heavy Metal. This variation in genre came across as a pleasant surprise for most.
Odyssey; already an established name in Pakistani Heavy Metal, were up next and their presence was greeted with an explosion of cheers from the audience. They led the crowd in a chorus of Fear of the Dark, not unlike a real Iron Maiden concert, only on a smaller scale. Then they played two singles from their upcoming second album – ‘The Reckoning’ and ‘Odyssey II: Self Deliverance’. The end of their performance was marked by a cover of Metallica’s ‘Fuel’.
Lastly, Takatak came up to tear down the stage. This band formed through the LACAS music society is one of the best upcoming heavy metal bands in the Pakistani underground scene. They played original singles including ‘Epic Song’, ‘Faded Line’ and ‘Ruin’ with Shazore Bhatti, widely regarded as one of the country’s best metal vocalists sending the crowd into a headbanging frenzy with his unparalleled growling. The special guest performer was none other than Jamil Rizvi, who returned to the band after a year to perform the bands most famous song, ‘Breakdown’.
The event‘s main benefactor was Ahmad Irfan Khan from Hang Ten. Hang Ten’s vision for Pakistani music combined with the efforts of FM91, Danka, Leader Card, Pakistan Today and Elektec Trees must be appreciated.
There is no shortage of musical talent in Pakistan and this concert proved just that. It is now high time that these bands step up, get recognized and make it to the big stage.
Photos by
Ubaid Ullah Ahmed and Meesaq Qayyum

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