Putting SC back in scam


The government has every right to do what needs to be done to preserve its coalition, but it has the right to do the rightful, not illegal means. While entering into a coalition with the PML(Q) was due democratic procedure, the PPP’s consequent squaring off with the Supreme Court on the NICL matter to preserve this coalition is not.

Many influential people have been believed to be implicated by this investigation and it is widely believed that the PPP is not only protecting the PML(Q)’s cadre by hemming and hawing about the SC’s verdict but also a few notable black sheep in its own fold.

Corruption is fast becoming a flashpoint for an increasing irritable public. If the PPP continues to be nonchalant about this cause celebre, it could damage its public image and standing for the upcoming elections considerably. Hence, it’s not just about doing the right thing (with our politicians, it mostly never is), it is also a strategic decision about not angering a volatile public on a sensitive issue as it could cost the PPP dearly in the next elections.

The right thing to do is obviously not to shelter criminals and let the law takes its course. The government and politicians would do well to remember that the heydays of a subservient judiciary are gone. The days when court orders lined the dustbins are gone as are the days when they gave orders to politicians’ likings. They should adapt to new realities.