PPP Karachi general secretary resigns


PPP’s Karachi division General Secretary Saeed Ghani resigned from office on Sunday owing to the humiliation at the hands of the People’s Youth Organisation (PYO). However, his resignation has not been accepted so far. Ghani said he had resigned due to “personal reasons”. Sources said that after the killing of PIA People’s Unity member Aamir Shah, Ghani rushed to Agha Khan Hospital, but a group of PYO members led by Aurangzeb started humiliating and beating him. They also broke Ghani’s spectacles. PPP Karachi Secretary Information Latif Mughal said Aurangzeb was the PYO president for south Karachi and had been suspended because of his attitude in a programmer presided by Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah three months ago. He had been reinstated only recently. The sources said it was for the third time that Ghani was maltreated by party workers.