Govt looking for Kardar’s successor


Hectic consultations are underway at the top government level to appoint a successor to Shahid Kardar, the State Bank of Pakistan governor who recently resigned from office.
A source, without confirming the names under consideration, said on Sunday that the appointment of the SBP governor would be made at the earliest to complete the homework for an early visit of the IMF team. Asked about the media reports about Kardar’s lengthy resignation letter, he said the reports were incorrect as the letter was a normal “four-liner” one.
He said Kardar had not indulged in any blame game as he acknowledged that it was a privilege to have served the country. About delay in the arrival of the IMF team, he said it was done as the government had not completed its homework for the talks. He said it was also incorrect to say that Kardar’s resignation had not reached the presidency.


  1. There will be many eager retired former World Bank, IMF, ADP etc employees willing to get their egos boosted and do the bidding of AZ, if offered to serve as Gov State Bank of Pakistan. Perhaps the dry cleaned son of a former DIG sacked on corruption charges, or his cousins could help this govt.

  2. @ Akbar, Are you referring to the man who wants to form a new party of dry cleaned politicians. Shahid Kardar has proven that his genetic integrity overcame the greed for power and more money.

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