‘My Life’s Journey’ – Altaf Hussain’s book launched


The launching ceremony of ‘My Life’s Journey’, autobiography of the chief of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain, was held at a local hotel in Karachi. Noted personalities from different walks of life, including journalists, anchor persons, academicians, intellectuals and politicians attended the occasion. Dr Mathew A Cook, professor of the North Carolina University, USA, was the chief guest of the event. The autobiography, which is the English translation of the Urdu ‘Safar-e-Zindagi’, is published by the Oxford University Press Pakistan. Speaking on the occasion, MQM Deputy Convener Dr Farooq Sattar said that the story of Hussain is the narrative of a modern day renaissance. He said that Hussain continued his struggle against all odds without giving up on his mission. Sattar said that Hussain is a synonym for conviction, courage and charisma. It was because of his qualities that he had been able to cross a sea of challenges. He said that Hussain was a living legend and the presence of the large number of people at the event was a proof of that. He also said that the time is crucial for the country and it is facing multidimensional problems. It is time to make or break Pakistan and the choice lies with the people of Pakistan, he added. Sattar said that Hussain believed in empowering the people of Pakistan. He had always believed in emancipation of the weaker section of the society from the clutches of the oppressive forces. He said that Hussain is inviting common men to come forward and transform Pakistan into a democratic and welfare state like Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted. University of Karachi (KU) Vice Chancellor Dr Pirzada Qasim said on the occasion that Hussain has the right vision and the potential to lead the people of Pakistan in right direction towards prosperity. He said that it is commendable that an alumnus of KU had emerged as a distinguished leader of the country. He praised that Hussain has a futuristic approach that is rare to find in other leaders of Pakistan. Cook, who has also written the foreword of ‘My Life’s Journey’, said that it is a gripping book that gives great insight into the contemporary Pakistan.


  1. Your life is in start contrast what you preach in public. You call your mohajir qaumi movement a Mutahida Qaumi movement but you have never come out of shell of mohajirism. It was quite obvious from recent disturbances in Karachi in which you unleashed your goons to kills 20 people and burn nearly 50 buses just to show your strength to weakling spineless PPP government. You still call yourself Sindhi and son of soil but your actions belied. The disturbances immediately ceased on just pushing the switch to 'off'.

    Your cronies call you a brave man but you thrive on the violence. More the killings more peace of mind and satifaction for you.

    12th May carnage is still fresh in the minds of people. You may have scared the judges and weak PPP government away but the day of reckoning for you will definitely come.

  2. Bus bhoook dia koi nai parhega baita is liay apni____________ nai karo aur izat say raho aaj tak ppp pml(n) nay kia kar lia mqm nay bohat kuch kia hai agar yaqeeen nai to tum 1 baap ki aulaaaaad nai

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    GA MQM

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