Pasha visited US to improve intelligence coordination: ISPR


ISI chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha’s visit to the US was to discuss intelligence coordination with Washington, ISPR Director General Major General Athar Abbas said on Saturday. Abbas said Pasha’s visit had nothing to do with the resumption of US military aid, adding that the matter was not even on the agenda of the ISI chief’s visit to the US. Abbas said Pasha had a one-on-one meeting with CIA Acting Director Michael Morrel.
He said a range of issues was discussed in a congenial environment to improve mutual understanding between the two sides. Contrary to the speculative reporting in a section of the press, the USPR DG said neither doubts were raised nor aspersions cast on the functioning of the ISI and both sides focused on the way forward.
Meanwhile, after returning from the US, Gen Pasha met Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Kayani.
Online’s sources said the ISI DG took the army chief into confidence over his meeting with the CIA acting director. Pasha informed Kayani that his visit would remove misunderstandings and mistrust between Pakistan and the US. He said the American leadership had assured him that they would respect Pakistan’s sovereignty. He said the US also agreed to provide information with regard to the US personnel coming to Pakistan. He also said the US was also mulling restoring the suspending $800 million aid of Pakistan.
According to the sources, the army chief expressed satisfaction over the result of the ISI DG’s visit to the US.