Zardari proposes Pak-Iran currency swap


President Asif Ali Zardari on Saturday proposed a currency swap agreement between Pakistan and Iran to further strengthen bilateral trade and economic ties between the two brotherly countries.
The president made this proposal during his meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad here on Saturday. He said Pakistan was already in the dialogue process with Turkey, Sri Lanka and China for the currency swap arrangement.
President Zardari, who arrived in the Iranian capital on a day-long visit on the invitation of Iranian leadership, held two rounds of talks with President Ahmedinejad, first the delegation level talks and then one-to-one meeting.
The two leaders agreed on adopting regional approach to addressing the growing challenge of extremism and militancy.
Both of them expressed the confidence that joint efforts would prove helpful in countering terrorism, which was a common enemy for the entire region and the world.
President Zardari mentioned the long-drawn fight against militancy and stressed the need for long-term measures and joint efforts to eliminate this menace.
Interior Minister Rehman Malik, Minister for Water and Power Syed Naveed Qamar, Minister for Petroleum Dr Asim Hussain and spokesman to the President, Farhatullah Babar also accompanied the president.


  1. Is President authorized by constitution to unilaterally proceed on such major decision.The unholy, treacherous,country disintegrating coalition mafia of PPP-Z,ANP,MQM,MLQ has made President Zardari the most despotic virtual king of Pakistan.Whether be Karachi politics or national,he acts alone.Thousands have been in target killed in Karachi,billions of dollars bathakhori;never ever any action was taken, nor inquiry held,murderers hauled up,punished because of political expediencies of PPP-Z,MQM,ANP.Country has been made hostage to MQM weakness of MR Zardari which is fully supported by MQM slave TV channels and its staff in ARY,EXpress,Dunya,CNBC,Samaa,Newsone,partly GEO WHICH HAS RUINED NATION ,POOR,ECONOMY,AND EVERYTHING BECAUSE OF ONE MAN zARDATRI,aLTAF hussein,Altaf hussein,Ch SHUJJAT,pervaiz Elahi,Fazal REHMAN,THEIR CRONIES AND OFCOURSE LOW IQUED,arrogant nAWAZ sharif.

  2. Will President Zardari should get some lessons in integrity from the Iranian President. Maybe he should rub shoulders with him and perhaps get some honesty rubbed into his system, or is he immune to such things like honesty, integrity, honor and fear of Almighty.

  3. "Pakistan was already in the dialogue process with Turkey, Sri Lanka and China for the currency swap arrangement."

    Currency swap as in financial instrument. Why not? Quite possible! I would do it on short cycle, heavily discounted PKR (rupee).

  4. Instead, Why not Let us have a Presidents Exchange Deal.
    Even if Ahmedi Nejad is not willing to come to Pakistan, We are ready to hand over Zardari, for free. 🙂

    Come on, Iran… Look our hearts.:-)

    * This offer also contains a hidden gift pack inside. Very likely, any "three" of Nawaz Sharif, Altaf bhai and Fazl ur Rehman, totally free.

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