Mainstream parties urge govt to follow SC orders


Mainstream political parties on Friday urged the federal government to implement the apex court’s decisions, as any confrontation between national institutions could jeopardise the democratic process.
The federal government has time and again refused to restore FIA Additional Director General Zafar Qureshi as the head of the investigation team probing the NICL scam.
Punjab government spokesman Senator Pervaiz Rasheed said no government in a civilised country could imagine violating the Supreme Court’s decisions.
“We will raise the issue in the upcoming sessions of both Houses of parliament, as we have also mentioned the same issue in our requisition submitted for the sessions. The ruling coalition is making all efforts to ensure the alliance of power and corruption continues and looks prepared to pay any cost for power,” he said.
The PML-N leader also came down hard on the media, saying it was embarrassing to note that television channels were ready to run advertisements in favour of the corrupt, while columnists were writing in support of the corrupt, but no one was ready to support the honest people. “I am afraid our society is supporting corrupt practices. These negative trends are badly harming our society and eating away at the very core of our social fabric,” he added. MQM leader and former provincial minister Raza Haroon said the judiciary had to be held in esteem and its decisions had to be respected at all costs.
He said his party strongly believed in the supremacy of law and would keep supporting the judiciary.
“The government must implement the apex court’s decisions and violations of judicial decisions will be a negative sign for the democratic government. We stand for the respect of the judiciary and would keep raising a voice for judicial independence and supremacy of law,” he added. Maualana Amjad Khan, JUI-F’s secretary information said confrontation between state institutions was a bad omen that could jeopardise the democratic process.
“We believe that every state institution must function under its prescribed and constitutional limits and no organ of the state should cross its limits. Since the country is already facing a critical situation, the government must act to implement the apex court’s decisions within the limits and parameters prescribed in the constitution,” he added.
ANP Secretary Information Zahid Khan said his party strongly believed that there would be no confrontation if all institutions worked under the prescribed limits enshrined in the constitution.
“We think that the constitution has clearly prescribed powers to all state institutions and every institution must work per its constitutional limits,” he concluded.