No option to rely except Aisam, Aqeel, says Khalid


Pakistan’s non playing tennis captain Muhammad Khalid has pointed out that apart from Aisamul Haq and Aqeel Khan they have no option to rely on for the Davis Cup ties. Talking to journalists here after the team’s arrival from Korea where Pakistan lost the tie 0-4, Khalid said that Aisam and Aqeel were the only top players and there was no one to replace them at the top. “We have no other option and the only strength we have are these two players,” said Khalid. Despite the loss, he said they were brilliant in the doubles but luck did not favour them. He also praised Yasir Khan and expressed his belief that both Yasir and upcoming Samir Iftikhar if groomed properly would replace Aisam and Aqeel at the top.
“The problem is there for the last so many years and no one was seen or groomed to replace these top players. But now attention has been drawn towards a couple of youngsters,” he added.
“Though Yasir lost his match of the tie meekly but it made us to understand the drawbacks and the gap he (Yasir) has to cover to be a player of class and repute,” he said. The Davis Cup captain asked the other junior players in the Pakistan circuit to excel for the top level competitions. “It’s very unfortunate that we are not producing quality players to replace Aisam and Aqeel. Aqeel, Yasir, Samir and many other players may be good at the national level but when the circle is extended to international level – they started struggling. This is because they are not getting competitive competition in the country. They are not growing they are not getting any international exposure,” he added.
Aisam offers to step down: Pakistan’s tennis ace Aisamul Haq Qureshi has offered to step aside to make way for fresh blood to represent the country in Davis Cup. Talking to journalists here, he said that Pakistan had a bad time against Korea and he regrets the 0-4 loss. “I am ready to step down if any one in the country is fully prepared to replace me at this level, I am playing at now,” he said. “I think I am doing fairly good playing doubles ties and so it is improving my ranking as well but playing in the singles ties – it’s an obligation, which I might carry on for next two years.” “But with the Davis Cup result I am equally disappointed as our nation is. But overall I am satisfied with my performance and even will be competing in the London Olympics,” added Aisam. “I am improving in doubles ties and will continue playing this format,” he added.